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LOL! I was rummaging through my Dad's toolbox one day and found a business card which read:

"Your frank criticism was greatly appreciated.
F*ck you very much!"

I wish I had a stack of them, as well as the
nerve to use them!

Toni Brown

Ha! oh my god ... I just printed up a set on some old business card blanks that say: 'Take your cell phone conversation to a private corner. It is actually NOT interesting to me or anyone else within hearing.'


I laughed until I cried at this oneLOL!!LOL!!LOL!!
and that's all I'm going to say about that....except
you are right on target. There...I'm gone now

Leslie J. Moran

The expression on his face is PRICELESS! I really could use these cards. What a hilarious idea. By the way...I think Birthday wishes are in order?? Wonderful post.


This made my day, Carol. Thank you so much for the laugh. I can just picture the scene between you and your husband. Priceless.

So you've already used up 24 of these? You brave woman!

Brian Kasstle

An elf has told me it is your birthday! Happy Birthday!




I cannot tell you how useful these will be in my life. Excuse me, I must go make some NOW,

P.S. Happy Belated Birthday, and thanks for being fabulous.


I need to make 155 of them, one for each of my students! In big print!

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