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Leslie J. Moran

This is so profoundly poignant. Thank you for keeping the truth alive. We must never forget. This is a beautiful tribute.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Yay for the luggage - and what a wonderful story. It's so hard to grasp what happened and so heartening to see this kind of memorial.

Pat P

I was going to leave a "yippie-ey-oo" comment about your luggage, but as I read further, I was at a loss for words. That willow tree... those leaves .. amazing and hauntingly beautiful.

Judy H.

Wonderful, powerful story. Very moved by the tree sculpture.

Lisa Hoffman

Tree sculpture. One of the most beautiful tributes I can imagine. Isaac would be proud of your post. Keep telling the story...that's the important thing.


I have goose bumps. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful sculpture! Willows, I think, are the most beautiful of all trees. It looks like, maybe, a Weeping Willow; how appropriate.


Thank you so much for showing us this beautiful tribute to all those lost in the holocaust. So very touching. My eyes filled with tears while reading it.

Michel Murphy

I did not know of this memorial. It is ethereally beautiful and I hope to see it in person someday.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations

I too am deeply moved, both by Isaac's story and by this memorial. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Susie LaFond

thank you so much, your words and photos touched a deep and true place.....

julie macneil

well you made me cry, just beautiful!!!!!!! i had never heard of the tree or the story about the Swedish diplomat, very moving! and your friend with the bicycle! such deep love. thanks for sharing.


Thank you for sharing this story.... so touching! Being a nurse myself... there are a few special people who touch our hearts and we never forget... so wonderful for you to honor his memory in this very special way.......
Hugs, Emie

Gill M

Carol, thank you so much for sharing that story, I am finding it hard to find the words to describe my reaction to the sculpture - it is truly breathtaking. I am delighted you will now be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday without having to 'wash your smalls' every evening :)

Nancy Lynn

I am overwhelmed by this story. Thanks so much sharing it. Please say hi to Mary Ann for me and tell her we miss her at FTB and ROD. Hope you both have a ton of fun.


A very touching story and the memorial...no words, just tears.

I'm glad your luggage arrived, you might have reeked by the end of your journey, sister would not have been pleased.


Very neat tribute, very moving. Glad your luggage found you!

robin cox walsh

Very touching story. (So glad you got your luggage safe and sound!)

Michele Unger

INSPIRING post! Thank you for sharing the remarkable story of your patient and his journey. Your photos gave me goosebumps.


I am so moved by your report, Carol. My thoughts on seeing your luggage safely in Budapest were the same as Pat P's - relief and pleasure that you have your personal things now.
The memorial is utterly beautiful and you have given those suffering people a wonderful tribute. Thank you.


My heart be still. Thank you for sharing the story and images of the memorial site. What a place of solace they have created for an unimaginable atrocity. And what a lovely tribute you created through your images and words. I am so touched.


Can imagine how powerful this place must be through your post. Tree of Life and Stone Alcove gave me goosebumps.

Sherry Eckblad

Amazing post and as I sit here with tears in my eyes can only imagine how it would of been to stand there in person to actually see the names on each leaf.

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