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Judy H.

Ah. I only wish... :)

marta traughber

I love Bikram yoga too . They don't teach it at my YMCA anymore. My second favorite is Vinyasa. I like the flow of it. Yoga is the greatest. I wish you didn't also have to do cardio to keep the middle aged creeping fat from taking over.


I took one Bikram Yoga class...I nearly died...literally. I have heat issues due to several heat strokes...yep, the class nearly killed me so there will be no Bikram on my horizon. I do love Yoga though. Yes, the slow kind with the music playing softly...it's a meditation.

mary ann

i'm in that pose (top left) as i type this
RIGHT NOW! i didn't know it was a yoga pose.
i got the idea from my kama sutra encyclopedia.
they looked like good stretching poses.
who knew?

jeanette, mistress of longears

I love vinyasa! Have practiced 4 years but the first 3 years I took only beginner classes because I am a slow learner! The stress relief saved my sanity during a rough job!

jeanette, mistress of longears

I'm in Yahoo email jail and cannot send out mail....
RE: knits with Habu, I love nothing better than being an enabler.
Bummer about the martini before knitting the ruffles... :-)


maybe this should be my new hobby....flashbacks to gymnastics minus the pounding.

Reginald Daugherty

Incredible! I don't know what to say... It's as if gymnastics, yoga and ballet were formed into art of movement! I believe in you, dear. You can do it in your own way, just don't push yourself too hard.

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