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I've been enjoying a new evening ritual of some Chamomile before bed...love it:) I also love that my mom left her big yellow mug at my house, which happens to fit perfectly between my hands to warm me through.


Ha! I have that same cup, also given to me by a coworker friend. Truly there is something about wrapping your hands around a mug o' tea, very comforting.


I am not a tea snob. I love my coffee, lattes, blended coffee drinks at Starbucks...but I equally love my teas...i can't use a kettle on the stove anymore, burnt 2 of them up, so now have an electric one with auto shut-off. Probably saved the house from burning down.

The whole tea ritual is heavenly...something very Zen about it. Along with what you do I also press my cup against my cheek...

My current favorite is Teavanna's Youthberry/Wild Orange Spice blend...over the moon smell good.

Michel Murphy

The "Snap Out of it" girl is one of my favorite images.

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