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I'm not a knitter, but I think I might have gone with the Tim Gunn motto 'make it work'. It would break my heart to rip out all those stitches!

Judy H.

Oh, frustrating! But the sweater will be a beauty in the end. Nice work! :)


I love it!!!

Michel Murphy

No fun. I've been through it, too. Nothing to do but keep calm and carry on.
Now where have I heard that before?

jeanette, mistress of longears

I am prepared to sink to the very bottom in your estimation. I have been known to set aside a nearly completed tailored blazer because I have to rip out a seam. With knitting, I subscribe to the principle of Muslim rug makers, who (I've heard) deliberately include a mistake in every piece in deference to God whose perfection should not be attempted by man. Lucky me, I NEVER have to make a mistake; the mistakes find me no matter what I knit. And out of respect, I leave them there! Otherwise, given my skill level and my limited patience, I would never complete anything. That is my story and I'm sticking to it.


I recently reached the last pattern repeat in a cabled hat. The part of the hat that goes in front, on the forehead is done in moss stitch...about 2 inches from the beginning of the moss stitch is a glaring mistake...so to ease the pain of having to rip it out, I started a new one in a different color way, which I've just finished. Now I have the patience to rip the other one back and start anew. I realize that I'm only talking about a hat here, but do you have an unused skein to start over? Put the mistake aside and start fresh.

The knitting friends said I should just cover it with buttons or a ribbon...I simply could never give away something with a glaring mistake...nor could I wear something that was botched. In your case there is no "making it work"...the sweater simply wouldn't fit and would be all wonky. Bite the bullet and take it to the frog pond (rip it, rip it) Sorry, I'm with your teacher on this one.


I have been to the frog pond Joan. I have corrected my mistake and am sailing along. But I also am right with you Jeanette - when I make a small mistake that will not affect the fit of something. I am in complete agreement with the Muslim rug makers. 100%!


My shrink knits a sweater, wears it for a year, rips it out and re-knits into a different pattern. What's up with that?

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