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Wish for a giant snowstorm and start Cutting for Stone immediately. You won't be sorry.

jeanette, mistress of longears

I loved Unbroken - and I hardly ever like nonfiction. It may be rather intense listening....certainly was intense reading! Also loved Cutting for Stone. Sarah's Key was good, but not Loved. Interested in your opinion of Goon Squad- it's on my maybe list.

Lisa Hoffman

I'm reading THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern. It's fanTAStic so far!....magical in a fascinating way. No, I mean REALLY magic. If they don't make a movie out of this one, I WILL.


Here are some more for you:
Rules of Civility, 1930's NYC-great!
Language of Flowers, reading it now and I love it!
I also encourage you to read Cutting for Stone, one of my top 10!

Judy H.

Recently finished:
THE NIGHT CIRCUS: very different/very visual/enjoyed it/still ruminating on it
THE INVISIBLE GARDEN by Dorothy Sucher: essays/reminiscent of UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN/enjoyed it

Gave my son-in-law UNBROKEN and will read it when he's finished it. Ditto THE RIVER OF DOUBT.


I really enjoyed Unbroken, but I needd the book w/the photos of the men, planes, etc; wouldn't want it in the talking-book format. This author does extensive research, and there are several pages of it in the back--and some along the way. I learned so much about WW 2, Japanese prison camps, and human strength. Unbelievable story, but all true. These men were real heroes.

Sarah's Key haunted me for weeks after reading it. It was very interesting and based on a little known true event. Don't think I could stand to watch the movie.

Now I want to read Cutting for Stone after reading others' comments!


Here's another to add to your list

"The Monsters of Templeton" .
I cannot put it down, contemplating calling in sick to work to finish it. Is that bad?


I skimmed the Pain Chronicles so you have my permission to do that. There is some good information buried in there.

Mary Lou

Start Cutting for Stone, you re going to love it!


Hi Caral just visiting some old posts. I know your on your way to Norway ( looking forward to that) . Just wanted to know what you thought of Sara's Key.. Just saw the move on cable and loved it, but you know how different the two worlds can be. Is it worth a read?

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