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Yes it dose sound like a good weekend on the way, as you dream of fall and cooler days, I myself dream of the warmer days approaching. Spring is here and no more lounging, yard work to do and garden prepping, holidays to plan, and setting the veranda up for the approaching summer, thats were I hang out, journaling, pasting and painting, puting my holidays into some form of recognition , ready for the fall and winter. This quaint little country town near the mountains gets very cold and I need my summer memories to give it just that little bit of extra warmth. So you enjoy your approaching cooler weather and I'll go and plan my garden....oh what are you knitting? And wouldn't you like some butternut pumpkin strudel with cinnamon...mmmmmmm....lol have a great weekend!

Joan Clarke

WAH! We don't even get a hint of fall until just before Halloween! It's still in the high 90's here, running the a/c and fans night and day. Can't wait for October 31th.

Sharon W

"How sweet it is to do nothing and then rest afterwards."

marta traughber

It's 100 degrees here. I wouldn't know a gourd if it knocked me in the head. I envy your cooler weather.

Jane Bumar

Love that fireplace!

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