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are you trying to attract more online mud daubers by posting your address?

jeanette, mistress of longears

Whew! I was afraid this would end badly...

Carol Gossett

Ooh, lovin' that front door!

Joan Clarke

I had a nasty encounter with wasps one day when I was pulling crab grass out of some low growing shrubs. Little did I know that some very ticked off wasps who build translucent nests in bunches of octagonal shaped groups of this parchment like papery substance, I had no idea what was making my hand hurt and felt like i was being attacked by dart like, stinging somethings. I quickly moved back as the entire nest came out in masse. Yikes. That hand swelled up and turned angry red, hurt like mad for about a week, then the skin started peeling off. I never want to run into these nasty tempered buggers again. I found out that they can sting multiple times, unlike a honey bees once. I hope Chris wasn't stung.

Leslie J. Moran

Yikes! Now I have to go check for daubers! I'm with Chris, we laboured all weekend.

violet cadburry

How do you tell if the mud daubers have abandoned the nest? Ask them? Put little notes of inquiry into their entrances? You need to get a PRESSURE WASHER AND BLAST THEM. And, at the same time, since you probably rented the pressure blaster thingy, you could clean the rest of the stucco. Not that you need to, but playing with power tools and water is always fun in my book.


That man's a star!

Bet you made him a wonderful cocktail after all the risks he took.

Toothbrushes have nine lives, don't they? Like cats.

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