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Jan McCann

That book looks interesting!


Not in this part of the world! But I do love a good flannelet sheet. I even like just saying the word flannelet. Enjoy snuggling under yours.


I just did a quick search on eBay and there are some beautiful floral flannelette sheets - don't know if its just eBay Australia but it is worth a look! I love your blog!

Vicki in Michigan

Floral patterns are almost always printed (weaving that complex image is expensive....).

Printing and brushing the fabric to turn it into flannel are ... not really very compatible. :-)

This is why flannel sheets are almost always solid, stripes, or plaids. Stripes and plaids are easy to weave, and make a nice regular fabric. Take a close look at the next woven flowers you see -- lots of layers and different lengths of threads, neither of which is really compatible with brushing the fabric to make it fuzzy (or with being laundered as often as sheets are laundered).


ps -- have you tried knitted sheets? I find them to be as comfy as flannel, and the ones I have, at least, haven't pilled at all.

Pat P

But then when you wear your flannel nightgown, you are stuck to your flannel sheets like a grade school story board!
(Just kidding - totally agree it's time for the flannel sheets.)


Do you have a Kohl's near you? I just bought these and love them. They are leaves - not floral - but I avoided the stripes and snowflake ones.


I got these adorable dog ones for my son. They have owl, sock monkey, bird, cupcake. I didn't see cat...sorry.


Go look! I see they have some floral too!

Judy H.

Love my flannel sheets. Laughed out loud at the flannel sheet/flannel nightgown vision. :D

Joan Clarke

I must be a weirdo. I don't like the feel of flannel sheets, feels like I'm climbing into an already slept in bed. EWWWW!. I like my sheets as tight as possible on the bottom and loose on the top so I can stick my feet out into the cold room. I must be from another planet, eh?

Oh, those dog sheets are really cute.

Violet Cadburry

Try Costco, I just got a new set of flannel sheets in a black and white damask print. Last year I bought the leopard print flannet sheets. We are covered for the winter, so to speak.


Actually, I use flannel sheets year round in the Northern CA Bay Area. I find they are warm in winter and breathe pretty well in summer (we usually get a cool breeze in evening). Check out these: http://www.garnethill.com/signature-vintage-floral-flannel-bedding/bedding-bath/sheets/flannel-sheets/263940?defattrib=&defattribvalue=&listIndex=6 They had a sale and picked them up for the mother-in-law.


Thank you all for being my flannel sheet detectives.
I just ordered the set that Tammy so thoughtfully picked out for me :)


I think I'm ordering the same set fro myself this weekend...just love the florals and I'm not a floral person. Shouldn't everyone wake up to flowers though? Reminds me a bit a set of sheets I had in the 70's as a kid, but they were even more vivid with more color!

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