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julie macneil

lol! made me laugh out loud and that is no little thing tonight! thank you!!!!!


Oh no, I see he's very serious about it all!.....ok fess Carol what did you do with them?


I know! We have the same problem in Texas. Someone broke into our house and stole one boot and an old comb! Maybe it's part of a crime chain?


i took them that time when neither you or chris knew your wireless passwords. you know. to get back at you.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Could this be related to the disappearance of my bird feeder?


Jeanette: does this mean I need to send Lewis under the deck to search? Come to think of it my sister probably threw them under there when she was here last. I'm going to look right now......


I bought a bunch of scissors at the dollar store and stashed them away because the same thing keeps happening at my house. Let me know when Chris figures it out..... maybe I have the same problem!

Joan Clarke

I must live in a time warp. I've had the same pair of kitchen scissors for 34 years! The length of time I've lived in this house...that includes having teenagers in the house!

I hope you find the culprit. What will be the punishment? Coupon clipping for a year? That's "hard time."

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