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Cool! I have a red Kitchen Aid too!! Mine isn't the kind that raises up and I wish it were but they didn't have that one when we got ours... Your cookies look yummy too! I think your house must be the most fun and delicious place to be during the holidays!

jeanette, mistress of longears

You are in for such a treat! First because your kitchen aid will fly right through the 15 minutes of marshmallow whipping and second because homemade is NOTHING like store bought!


You have given me Kitchen Aid envy! It's a real thing!


Gorgeous. Wishing you decades of mixing pleasureable concoctions.

Leslie J. Moran

Now you're cookin'!! This will an inspiration all year round. I must say I have never made marshmallows. Never even thought about it, except in the occasional Martha Stewart publication. I will be very interested to see this production!

Joan Clarke

I do understand the "need" aspect of the Kitchen Aid mixer...I bought mine for a similar "need." Mine is Cobalt Blue to match my Oster Blender...

I agree with oatmeal cookies must have raisins and nuts...MUST!

I accidently learned how to make homemade marshmallows when trying to make meringue for a lemon pie...that didn't happen...but the marshmallows were good. The kids loved them. HA I have not attempted to make a lemon pie since that fiasco nearly 40 years ago.


Yummy! and oh the RED is lovely. Merry Christmas!

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