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Leslie J. Moran

Too hilarious! The new messy look??? How will I know what books I have left? Just saying.


you got me the orange mugs.


I love those new colours for spring, but the books are a no go, I like the traditional way

Joan Clarke

Back to the future of 1970's...didn't like those colors then, don't like them now.
If they were softer shades I could take them. I love the organic shapes of some of the accessories.

The bookshelves must have been arranged by a schizophrenic reader hyped up on Starbuck's extra bold coffee. Yikes.


hmmmmm...............yellow, orange, green. Perhaps they would work for your yarn choices????? A chance to ride the waves of change????


Sister: Of course I got you the mugs - and the bowls!

Janet Ghio

Yellow, orange and green-Good
Books turned backwards-not so good
Thanks for sharing the latest trends...

Judy H.

Green is my favorite color, so any shade works well for me. Yellow in any shade makes me happy. Orange is more problematic; not a big fan of most shades of orange except in the garden.

The books: um, no. Wacky. (and the bottom arrangement is biblio-malpractice!) :)


Yes, slightly problematic for people who actually read....but I've been a big fan of orange for a long time. Go orange!

Caroline Berk

Some decorator should have his/her hands tied together for doing that to books and bookshelves. Even with the bright colors. I can do messy, but I pay for help to make the messy go away. (I just wish I could get it to stay away).


Orange is great because it's unexpected and most people stay away from it, so it's not likely to get too trendy. Orange with chartreuse .... heavenly!


Go orange! My favorite color. Harvest gold and avocado-been there, done that.

This would be a good time to get out any old kitchen crap we have of our mothers (canisters anyone?) and sell it in a garage sale.

Chris Oliveira

On the other hand, love the look of aged paper. But no, won't work.

Jane Bumar

So I was at a LYS the other week, and the owner actually told me that 'aqua and teal colors are OUT this season, nobody is manufacturing those yarn colors." I privately thought, "Excuse me? have you not gone to Pinterest nor Anthropologie lately? They are practically stumbling over aqua, menthe green, and seaglass." Perhaps she was referring to the resurgency of the burnt orange, harvest gold, and avocado? Perhaps shouldn't have gotten rid of Mom's avocado fridge! lol

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