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Violet Cadburry

Excessive neatness is a sign of compulsive nerditity. I'm with you, one good purge a year is best.

cheryl miller

These drawers look like a great journal to me!!!

Fran Anderson

Carol, your blog is one of my absolute favorites. The photos are always beautiful, I usually laugh out loud at your funny comments, and I look forward to reading it each day. Thanks so much! PS: I have never commented on a blog before!


All the way with you on that one.......one thing at a time!......I'm seeing those napkins and I know there's a story for th journal there! I always stick something that has been used as a prop or part of a project that I have videoed in my journal. Just a little eye candy. I have a photographic memory, a tiny snippet of something will bring a flood of memoris...tfs

Judy H.

Your pantry looks great. The bane of my existence is my studio. Piles of stuff everywhere. I'm tackling it this month. Fingers crossed that I succeed in straightening it up. ;-)


Oh I so love pantries and yours looks delightful. We had a walk-in pantry when first married and I so loved just walking into it, choosing what was needed and then closing the door knowing what magic was behind it. I remember it fondly. This lasted maybe 1 year. Will have to see if we can create one now 50 years later. Thanks so much for all your sharing. I love visiting.

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