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Carol Gossett

Ohhhhh, I like, I LIKE!!


I am going to Umbria with 2 friends in Ovtober and your photos, purchases are so inspiring that I have organized our 7 days in Umbria following in your footsteps

Leslie J. Moran

Oh those "Stop Talking" cards! That truly is the funniest thing I have ever heard of! How fabulous that your parcel arrived all intact. Your choices are fabulous reminders of your latest world venture. Are those birthday wishes still in order? Happy happy happy time. I'm about to attend a 46 year high school reunion. Feeling a bit "dated" at this point :) Have a great weekend, but make sure it involves CAKE!

Susie LaFond

OMG, totally giddy, adore the colors on all of them, what a great package to have waiting for you and the 'stop talking' cards I think I might need at the minimum, a few hundred.

Violet Cadburry

Bet you are so happy nothing was cracked:) Always a worry with ceramics. Absolutely love these...so jealous!


Thank you for this post. For years I have had some plates I knew to be majolica but had no idea the country they were from. Now to find out the date they were made.


If you have yet to find a place to hang your plate may I offer a wall at my (mom's) humble abode?

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