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Carol Gossett

Peanut butter cookies; a woman after my own heart!

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

I don't know Angie but with that big batch request, I adore her!

mary ann

do you think she put the peanut butter on the potato chips?
i do
in fact i'm sure of it


OOOh I have never had these.... need a recipe :) What are the little white bits in them?


Angie is one lucky lady! Yum!
Doncha just love your Silpat? I have had all the other silicone baking ones too but I always prefer the Silpat.
Please ask Chris to find out when Apricot Scone Day is for me... not that I need an excuse, but...


Come on Carol, you know you gotta share the recipe with us.....

Leslie J. Moran

Do you deliver internationally??


okay carol, you are making my mouth water, and I want to reach inside this damn computer and take out a cookie

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