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Debbie J

You take the most wonderful photos. I love coming by to visit you on your blog!


Good reward, the shandy. Very popular where I come from.

BTW, I came home from a mini break and read your Oatmeal cookie recipe. It worked! It was absolutely the perfect recipe for me as it didn't ask for that unobtainable thing (in France) cane syrup. They were dreamy, those cookies. I happened to have some dried cranberries so I mixed those in. Full marks from husband.


Ohhh lovely flowers! We have that Julia Child yellow rose too!!
We had a spot that was just crying out for a yellow rose amidst all the reds and pinks and that one called to us at the plant store. I think my hubby is a rose-whisperer cause he heard it, talked to it, bought it, planted it, and it is growing nicely. I was off looking for lavender plants at the time and missed the whole conversation! Not it does have a lovely scent and it cooks a damn fine chicken! Ok maybe I exaggerate about the chicken...

Caroline Berk



How is it that your Kansas entries so often take me back to my year in Ireland in the mid-seventies? Even in that enlightened decade the country bars of Ireland frowned on "ladies" sitting at bars or ordering strong drink (whiskey). Shandy was a drink that was originally served in the "snuggery" (a little private lounge reserved for ladies).........but you and I know that it is a delightful and possibly potent beverage for hot nights. Wow.........next thing I know you will be channeling turnips???


Any excuse for a beer, is allright with me, Carol!
Are you sure you planted those flowers???haha!
I usually just cut off the bottom of the cell-pack, and plant all 4 together...that way you get a bigger impact...
I like your idea in the wooden box...
have a great weekend!

Linda :o)

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