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Pat P

You are not alone. :-)
I like the lightning shot, even if it wasn't what you were going for. I tried to get some cool shots of a full moon and changed a bunch of settings, but never got the moon as I saw it in my mind. And to boot, there were UFOs in every single shot. Which I later determined was the moon reflecting between the lens and lens filter. But it was a nice adventure for about 2 minutes!

Vicki in Michigan

I miss shots ALL THE TIME because I forget to switch back from "macro" to "regular" and back...........


I have personally NEVER done that! **wink wink**
SOMEBODY did it to mine once...
That SOMEBODY deleted all the pictures!
So..the moral is...well..I guess there is no moral..
Never mind...

Linda :o)



Joan Clarke

I'm sure it's just you! HAHAHAHA

When I was using my old Minolta 101 SLR with Kodachrome, I took a whole role of film for a photography class assignment....only there was no film loaded in the camera. Talk about a red face moment.


Took a whole bunch of pics of the fam at the pool without realizing that the camera was still set to black and white.

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