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Debbie J

Congratulations! It looks great! I really like the frame that you chose.

Joan Clarke

Very nice! Did you have it done professionally or do it yourself? What is the new project? Is it a series like your friend did?

Amy at love made my home

It is beautiful Carol, and your new one will be lovely to display with your rabbit/hare. xx

Violet Cadburry

Wow, that is just gorgeous! You are so talented.


I am blown away by"hatched,ordered,FINISHED FRAMED andHUNG" . I am good at hatching and ordering, but the others often escape me! I am impressed. You set a high bar, girlfriend.

Janet Ghio

Love your rabbit!

Leslie J. Moran

BRAVA!!!! Soooo well done! I'm in the "it's being framed part" of my Halloween effort! Working on another, so I totally get your commitment, and dedication.


Holy Moley! I have needlepoint canvases from 1975 that I still haven't gotten around to framing. GORGEOUS! And so proud of you!

jeanette, mistress of longears

If only it were that easy to dispatch the real things…. :-)




Well done that gal! I have only ever made one tapestry, which I designed myself, not even sure if I have a pic of it! I love hares/rabbits. I recognise the new project, from the ones your friend stitched, or was it Mam's friend?!!

I keep seeing your knitting and forgetting to buy smaller round needles to start knitting for my forthcoming grandchild... eeeeeek!!

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