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Carol....{stern voice now}..You should have gotten the Christmas Cactus....they reward you in the end...the Poinsettia will be a big droop by February...Just sayin'...
Ha ha ha!!!
Good luck with your tree...
Linda :o)

Joan Clarke

I agree, you should have taken the Christmas Cactus home...they like drying out before watering and a good light source. You should see my pitiful one: it makes one bloom a year, just budding out now. Yep, ONE bloom. You can plant the poinsettias outdoors once the bloom is over. Cut them back, keep damp, plant in spring outdoors. I had them growing 6 ft. tall in my yard in CA.

Carol Gossett

I always get the red ones too, but this year I DID break with tradition and got a gorgeous speckled one...very cool!


venice in winter was filled with christmas cactus! if i see one i'm going to buy it. buy i never see them. hmmmmm...
poinsettias are fab!

Amy at love made my home

I am not good with houseplants, they arrive at home, take one look around and keel over. The only thing I can keep going is Kalanchoe's. I have a lovely artificial poinsettia though! Hope that you enjoy the decorating this weekend, looking forward to seeing your decorations. xx

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