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Carol Gossett

I absolutely know what you're feeling right now, and it isn't easy and doesn't seem fair. Thinking of all of you Moss girls.


How hard.
You're doin' great.

Michelle Mooney

Thinking of you all and sending big hugs from across the world xxx


:( xoxo


No matter how you prepare, no matter that you know the outcome to come it is still one of the hardest and heartbreaking things in the world. Thinking of you all and sending love and hugs.


Thinking of you all.


Carol, honey, you can't know what to do and you will always wonder if what you did was the right thing. You are surrounding Angie with love and good care and that is all you can possibly do. There is just nothing easy about it.
I used to put my hand on my mother's forehead and say this blessing. The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make his face shine on you. The Lord look on you with favor and give you peace. It seemed to comfort her.

Linda Watson

Yup. No way of knowing. Bless you. And Angie. And Dottie. Blessings for your entire family.

Amy at love made my home

I am sending you and all of your family and most of all Angie thoughts of great love. xx


Praying for Angie and the rest of you.

Janet Ghio

Thinking of all you Moss girls and mostly of Angie-may her road be ppeaceful and smooth


Love to all of you. Living with the uncertainty of 'when' is something all of us humans struggle with. Loving Angie is the best thing you can do and you're all doing it. And Angie knows when it will be time. Hugs from over here.

Chris Oliveira

Sending prayers and love to you, Angie, and all of your family.

Steve Mulvenon

Carol-Our thoughts and prayers are with Angie, you, and your family during this difficult transition. Janelle and Steve


xoxoxox....no words, just hugs.

Peggy Fry

I know how hard this is, even though you are "in the business"... Though I am only an internet friend, my prayers are with you, and your mom. I think getting out of this world is every bit as hard as it was getting into it. It sucks. She knows you love her and that's what matters most.

If you want a good read, try Ann LaMott's and her "traveling mercies" book. Or any of her books. very moving and human as she talks about faith, life and death.

jacki long

Heartbreaking Carol! I am hoping that you well the love and prayers for Angie and you and her great family, from so many of us. You have given us such joy, repeatedly, and we with helpless words would love to send comfort. Some of us have been on this tortured road you travel, and others will in time. Take good care. ♥

Lynne Dove

Moss Girls rule - as does Angie. Our family been through this twice. You care as well as you blog. xx


Dear Carol . . .and all the beloved Moss girls,
Your compassion and love shine through ever word you write, every gesture you extend. You are doing exactly the right thing right now, which is companioning a love one with great respect and dignity and love. It is the only thing to trust in and to know. Keep strong and let your heart open to the sadness all at the same time. We surround you with our love and prayers.

Jan m

Thinking of you and your family xxx

Vicki in Michigan

It's not really helpful to know the statistics, or to know what is usual, I think. When it's about me (or someone I love), I want to know what going to happen to *me*, or to *her or him*, not what happens in the most common case, or what the range is.

And what we really want to know -- that's what we really can't know. Alas.

I don't do uncertainty well.

Sending good vibes for as much peace as possible, in the face of the unknowable.


Thoughts and positive energy from me to you, Carol.


Dear Carol, I am sending a heart full of love and tender tears for beautiful Angie and all the Moss family.

Debbie Metti

My heart is with you & your family...and especially with dear Angie. Hugs to all of you.


Thinking of you all.

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