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I'm sure the Hospice people will be a huge help and a relief as well. It's good to have some one else to consult with when the emotions and worry make us question decisions and if we're doing the right thing. You and your sibs have done a marvelous job of tending to Angie's needs.

I'm wishing a very smooth and peaceful passage for Angie.


Awesome that you allowed yourself a pyjama day. Peace to you and your Mum.


So grateful for hospice being there with you, xox


I am so glad that you have Hospice so that you are able to be a loving daughter and have someone else to talk things over with. I can almost feel your relief. Love to all of you. XOXOXO

Amy at love made my home

Thinking of you and wishing for the best possible outcome for you all too. I am glad that you had a Sunday to relax at home. xx

Janet Ghio

It is so good that you are able to let someone else take over for you now. It is very difficult to be the caretaker. I am glad that you can just be the daughter now. Wishing all of you much peace and rest.


How are you finding that book? I'm a sister in need.


Even though I knew this stage was coming, as you did, it still brought tears to my eyes.

I think that's a very profound statement about Hospice etc allowing you to be a daughter. I need to remember that for my time at Hospice.


Many hugs for you and your family as you pass through this next step. I am glad you are having time as a daughter.


I have read your words in the past of your job and the way it makes you feel. It is so hard to make those decisions. With my mom, I made them. My sister is the youngest. It was just us on that sea of uncertainty. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

Linda Watson

You are so right - so good to be a daughter. I'm missing my mom right now. She passed over 10 years ago, but I'm still her daughter.


That's the same sigh of relief my Sis and I took when we turned things over to Hospice with my Dad. We were able to just be the daughters, if only for a little while, because we still had Mom to worry about.
I'm so sad that Angie reached this stage so soon, but so grateful to have "met" and gotten to know her.

Susie LaFond

Yes it is precious when you get to just be yourself in the moment and let others do the caring and the figuring out stuff. Keeping you all in my thoughts...xoxo


A wise decision, Carol. I hope when Mary Ann gets there, the three of you can be daughters and sisters together, supporting Angie and each other on this journey. Blessings to you all. Know that hundreds of people, if not more, are with you in spirit. Most of us have never met you, but the caring is strong nonetheless.

Barbara Tarbox

The windows were open soft breezes and fragrance from the daphne bush that was in blossom outside the window wafted in. We had moved two queen-size beds together
And laid there for hours. her dog Rosebud lay snuggled right beside her under the covers, I sang "I'm a Little Teapot" and all the songs I taught her when she was just a babe. Her mother and I talked to her, just a steady stream-of-conscious. Memories, holding her on my lap on the way to the ferry boat after decorating her auntie's Christmas
Tree because she was working over-time. Jungle Bells, Rudolph, Grandad driving the
"Green chili pepper" pick-up singing along. We spread rose petals all over the bed, like
Perfumed confetti.she had just turned 8yrs old. she was dying of an inoperable brain
Tumor. It was an intimate party of sorts. Her cherished BFF came and held her hand.
How wise so-called "children" are in moments like this. all of us coming together,
The tribe gathering to say good-bye, farewell till we meet again.
I wish for all of you to be able to gather and sing or say your good-byes with lovely
Memories of times past.
We are with you in thought and song.


My thoughts are with you all. I saw Mary Ann's post that she will be flying back there this weekend. Thank you for sharing your mom with us in your blog.


I am glad you get to be a daughter again. As you stand bedside, all you have to have on your shoulders is the weight of your sisters and brother's hands on you and your love for Mama Moss. May her journey be painless, peaceful, and surrounded with love - as know it will be.

Pam Michael

I know it will be a nice relief having Hospice for your mom. I know when Dana was going thru this with her mom, Hospice was a godsend. My thoughts are with you and your sisters (and family).

Leslie Gardiner

Carol, I am thinking of you all, and of your sweet Angie. Peace to you all through this tender time.

Vicki in Michigan

Surely facing a daughter's part of a parent's end-of-life is a gracious plenty for any of us. Letting trained and compassionate others take over a chunk of the caretaker role has to be a good thing.

Wishing for you all -- strength and as much peace as possible.


You guys are right up there in the rainbow of my thoughts...xxx


I thank each and every one of you for your good thoughts and for sharing your experiences with all of us.

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