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That is adorable, but did Angie write in ballpoint pen on documents like 100 year old marriage certificates from little Italy in order to "correct" the spelling of the Italian names that she said the priest mispelled?

My aunt and grandmother were stern archivists and we too, have many a plastic container, which to this day bear an "A" for Anita written in cherry red nail polish.


Such a sweet thing to remember. My dad always made the sign of the cross on our backs when he hugged us... I used to think it was odd but now I miss it.


Must be that generation...my gram and all of her five sisters not only marked their butter tubs and Tupperware to denote whose belonged to whom, but it was an elaborate symbol system made with various shades of red nail polish!

Silly, but I cherish each and every mark!

Janet Ghio

It's the little things that bring the memories isn't it.


I am crying happy tears....my mom does that....it is those things we will cherish forever....


That gave me a giggle and a smile, things I needed today. Gotta love Angie stories.


Love your Angie tales. Love them. So many reminders of how my Mom does things. She uses red nail polish on everything too. She has macular degeneration..she even painted the microwave buttons that she needs to use with red nail polish.


These stories about your mom are so fun. Love some of her idiosyncrasies. They remind of similar things about my own mom who's been gone since 1986. Thanks for the memories.

jacki long

Adorable! You have blessed us all with knowing Angie and her good fortune to have such great kids. We feel your pain and your love through your perfect humor, thank You Carol!


Oh, I love it. Good memories and funny stories are just the thing right now.




It's the little things that bring the best memories, things unique to those we love.
The little quirky things we associate with childhood, those people closest to us.

My mother had no plastic containers! Not one. I didn't either. My neighbor was so upset that I had no Tupperware she bought me a set of three bowls with lids, convinced that I was deprived of something wonderful. HA

Linda Watson

Oh, that's wonderful My first big laugh out loud of the day. Thanks!

Leslie j. Moran

Love the story and picture. I can almost hear Angie saying "enough Carol, goodbye".


Love hearing your stories involving your mom. I can feel the love you have for your mom and know the pain of losing her is very painful. Sending you and your family lots of hugs.


No you can't make it up (even if you are a teller of Tall Tales) but it's so nice that you share these smile worthy memories with us.

Now I wonder what "I" do that my children will have a laugh about when I'm gone...or maybe they do now!


My 93-year old mother writes her name on everything. She had a BOX FAN that she wrote her name on! I asked her if she was taking it to parties and wanted to make sure it didn't get mixed up with someone else's box fan. She said that if someone broke into her apartment and stole it, then the police would be able to return it to her when they found it!!!!


Just another little detail to love about her.

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