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That is some good looking food!

Amy at love made my home

Definitely a very unusual reflection!! Glad that you and Dottie had some time together. xx

jacki long

Wonderful how you can transport me to your magical happenings, Carol.
I thank you, once again.


Carol, I know from reading Mary Ann's blog that she is visiting soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you care for your Mama Moss. She is so blessed to have you and vice versa. I know this time with her is filled with many emotions, and I wish you peace.


You have some wonderful places to eat in Lawrence, KS! All your dining out experiences seem off the charts to me. Glad you had some special time with Dottie and know you'll make forays in foodland when MAM gets there. Wishing all of you peace in this end journey with Angie.

Susie LaFond

YUM!!!! Alls I'm gonna say. And those spaceships made me laugh out loud. When my dd's were wee ones, we have a frosted glass in the window in our bathroom and at night the outside streetlights would make glowing orbs through the glass and I'd tell them we had spaceships in the yard, so they run and look out that window but couldn't figure out why they couldn't see them when they looked out the kitchen window and I'd tell them that it was because of the special protection the ship had but that we had a magic window that revealed them when they landed in our yard. Too funny, we still laugh about that at night..every so often I will tell them that the spaceships are back..good memories...I know how much you value a good story and that your story keeping skills are exceptional. Keeping you and Angie in my thoughts. Have a lovely visit with sketching partner. xoxo


I still miss Tellers, but this replacement is not bad either!

Vicki in Michigan

You Moss girls are excellent story tellers. :-) I love how careful you are to be truthful, even under extreme circumstances. :-) "May or may not"..... :-)

Love that first shot, with the lights receding into the background, and ... I would love to eat what you ate that night!

There used to be a game, on Sesame Street, where contestants had to identify a food, but they only got the points if they would also eat that food.

The game host would say something like "Sally, you are correct! It is squash! Will you eat it?" And if Sally's answer was "I will eat it!" she won some points.

That saying has entered our family lexicon, and when we are watching a cooking show on tv, or reading a blog, perhaps, and we see something that looks delicious, we sing out "I will eat it!"

So here, this morning, my study is ringing with "I will eat it!" :-)


Dearest Carol, just read the news on your sister's blog - sending you warmth on this day. Even though we don't know each other in regular life, your family has become so dear to so many. Sending love to all.

Lisa Hoffman

checking in, Sweetie. So I'm visualizing a VERY Large group of people (big, loud, crazy Blog readers and general friends and fans) surrounding you with loving arms and baking you some amazing, calorie-laden thing, then mixing you a cocktail so that we can all drink to your Mama's life and promise to never forget her. Love from Colorado....

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