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Janet Ghio

I'm glad you had the opportunity to rest and reflect. Big snowstorm coming in again this weekend.


So pleased to know that you were able to be home for awhile with your thoughts of Angie. Take it easy as you get back into the groove. The emotions are deep and will suddenly spill out onto some poor, unsuspecting fool who crosses your path and addles you, or worse, offers a kindness that quickly reduces you to melting jello in the middle of work.

I LOVE the colors you are knitting - did you notice that they are the same as the ones you are painting in your journal? What am I saying = of course you did! ;>)

Leslie J. Moran

Well done. Always good to just sit awhile with grief. Welcome back.


Wise and fortunate woman to be able to take this time and know it's important. Good reflection time and some art therapy with paint and yarn. Nice and tactile. Hugs!

Linda Watson

Mindless knitting - one of the best healing agents on the planet.


Thinking of you.


So glad you had time off to get affairs of your mom together and just to have time to adjust to a new normal. It's right and good that life marches on in spite of our individual losses.

Your sister's posting of the Walt Whitman poem is very apropos of this time in your lives. Don't we all, hopefully, contribute a verse?

Jane Bumar

I'm so glad you are making time for comfort, reflection, and for your own mental health. Very healing stuff, paint. And yarn.


Mindless knitting, pushing paint, napping, staring- these are all good things. When you are ready, re-entering your normal world is a good thing, too. It gets a little easier as time goes on. You no longer expect that it will be you mom on the phone and eventually you don't think as often that you need to ask her about something. It will be harder for you than for your siblings jut because Angie was a part of your normal life, not someone you loved but only saw occasionally. But Angie raised some strong children and all will be well. XOXOXO

Judy H.

Glad you got a bit of time to decompress and reflect. Best wishes as you head back to work. xoxo


I love your leading by example with regard to self care. Wise, thoughtful and balanced.


Trust your reentry was ok.... I still remember those heart ache moments when you think you need to phone because you haven't yet today, and then there's the reality check..".oh, of course....,". Sending hugs!


I have been following along and am very sorry for your loss. Glad you have taken some time to recover - as much as one can. Lovely memories of your mom in those last posts.

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