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I love Stephen King! The Shawshank Redemption and Needful Things are a couple of my favourites but I haven't yet found any of his hard to get through. I'll be getting this one. Thanks for the "thumbs up."


I am, admittedly, not a SK fan. I read his first book, Carrie, back in the 60's, scared the beejeebers out of me! The Shining had the same affect....I did like Misery (both book and movie). Tried to read 11/22/63 but couldn't get into it. I guess that makes me wishy-washy regarding Stephen King. I'll think about this one since you're recommending it.


I am on Book 6 of SK's Gunslinger series...I swear at times I have been transfixed by the beauty of a sentence in these books~more than once even. I have Doctor Sleep on my end table waiting its turn, and I really really liked 11/22/63 and Under the Dome, both.


No mention of Misery... I loved that... even the movie was superb!!! I have hmmmm'd and aaaaahed over Dr Sleep, I loved Dolores Claiborn!

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