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Sherry Green Peck

I LOVE the sheep shell! I also love the way you have contained the little pieces in those delightful jars!...and a black tray perfect to contrast them...I feel like I've been to the beach! I must find my old shells and play with them!

Carol Gossett

Really loving the heart shaped rocks!


The sheep shell rocks! Love your display.

Vicki in Michigan

Oh, me, too!!!!!!!!!! I have a heavy snail shell that looks like the snail in the third-from-the-bottom shot, right here on the desk.........

I need two bags -- one for things I need to collect, and one for trash....

I could spend hours, every single day, beachcombing, for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure.

Love the glass in the old bottle............

ps -- was it not safe to go barefoot?


That sheepshell is sooo cool! but the old bottles are too.


Swoon. What fabulous souvenirs!


Wearing shoes at the beach????? Why?

Love the sheep shell...it's incredible!

Sounds like a grand trip.


A smiling sheep shell for a knitter, perfect! xox

Jenny walker

Coveting as we speak...so enjoy your posts!

marta traughber

That's a beautiful specimen!


wanna see my rabbit shell?


Yes! I am going to go right now and make sure its not my fox shell that you thought looked like a rabbit!

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Linda Watson

Love your sheep shell. When my mom died, one of the things I inherited were all of her little, and some not so little, jars filled with odds-n-ends, most of them from beach combing or wanders in the woods. My husband took one look at all of them, and said, 'that explains it" and helped me arrange them in amongst my own.

Leslie j. Moran

Great finds. I have a feeling a jewellery class is next :)


So beautiful! I especially love the heart rocks. I've been collecting heart rocks for years at the lake and the beach. I have so many now that I've had to start being a bit more discerning about the ones I keep and the ones I leave for someone else to discover!


Oh yes... oh yes... and if you find a goat shell... it's the one that I lost!!!


Sheep shell is awesome!

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