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Those tomatoes are so beautiful! I dearly love homemade salsa and anything that hints of Mexican food. I warm up flour tortillas, scramble some eggs, chop up some bacon and cook till crisp, wrap this up in the warm tortilla with the salsa added last...brekky in your hand! So good.

Carol Gossett

I am sooooo making this tomorrow!


I'm definitely going to make this!!! Would you mind sharing the recipe for the Mexican Pasta Salad please???? It sounds wonderful!!!


What is salsa jalapena? a premade salsa? Jalapenos I know/

jeanette, mistress of longears

Ok, Ok! I am moving your blog form the category "Fun blogs" to a new category, "To-Do". I really should do everything you do!
You will still be the only blog in your category.

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