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Oh yes, that phrase is known to me...I took typing WAY before 1977, like 23 yrs before. There was another: The sly brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. This was supposed to use every letter of the alphabet for finger dexterity.

When it comes to a choice between punkins and letters...hands down, go for the punkin stuff.


Typing 10 with Mrs Stroch.
Finny and I would be in the back row. We would be typing away and the teacher would shout, " New clean piece of paper. Timed test. Ready. Begin." I should dig out my report cards and see what grade I got back in 1977. Everyti e she shouted, "Ready" I would scream in the negative as if her comment was a question.
Home Ec in grade 8 (at least the cooking part) certainly had more appeal because we ended up with a result.

Enjoy making everything pumpkin this fall.


Live dangerously... make both the French Toast AND pumpkin soup!!!! The soup will last you all week for work lunches or you could freeze some and have it later.

Sharon W.

Ha! You don't mention "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy red hen," which we typed endlessly because it uses all the letters of the alphabet. Of course, today's texters would write "th qck brn fx jmpd ovr th lzy rd hn". Not quite so poetic, eh?

Leslie J. Moran

I think I should mention that it was you dear woman who got the whole soup thing going!:) I was lusting after your market adventures and lunch variations. You really are "Queen Of Soup". Now that we are all carried away by Damn Delicious, I say go for the pumpkin, and while eating that don't get crumbs on the pages :)


I know that phrase! Oh it all sounds good...what to do

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