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jacki long

I love it! Another perfect post Carol! ;o)

Sharon W.

Amazon sells four pound bags of candy corn. You could order two of them and still stay within your limits. Oh ha ha ha.

Janet Ghio

Oh I know the joys of candy corn and having a limit on the number of bags is essential. I love candy corn, but I have never mixed it with peanuts and I must say that it sounds just fabulous and as soon as it is October 1st (my candy corn eating date) I am going to make this mix!!


I totally understand putting a limit on how many bags of candy corn you buy.... since you put this "recipe" on your blog a few years ago this has become my new Autumn addiction!


That's very wise of you to set a limit for this addictive combo. Would the limit be the same if you put the peanuts in a bowl separate from the candy corn or is it the ratio of nuts to candy corn that sets it? When I tried this last year I used 1 bag of nuts to one bag of peanuts...I don't like measuring, it's a rebellious quirk I have.


I just made this and I think I am in love! What a great combo~thanks for sharing it.

Amy at love made my home

Aha, I never thought of the candy corn and peanut combination, I might have to try that one. So, does this mean two small bags or two large bags of corns though?????? xx


Sister, your sister-in-law modified the recipe and substituted cashews for peanuts. Do not recommend. I told her nicely - you'd be proud of me.


I have to try this mix! Candy corn by itself is too sweet for me, but this might be just right. It's nice to see your traditions from year to year.


Yum! We love this combo at our house too, hubby leans a little toward more corn and I lean towards more nuts. It seems to work out fine somehow.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Now that my husband does the grocery shopping, I could have missed this seasonal treat altogether. Thank you for the public service announcement. I hate to fall behind on my candy corn/peanut consumption!

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