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Beth Leintz

Beautiful colors and beautiful cables!

I just started my first scarf with cables and youre right, they aren't hard...but it looks like your colored coded pattern and chart are! I'm anxious to see the outcome even though I know its more "hours & hours" away.

Janet Ghio

Sounds like you need to plan a trip to Ireland!

Leslie J. Moran

I've been watching "Outlander" and Claire wears these fabulous capes and knitted apparel. Apparently there are knitters all over the place trying to replicate the styles. This project looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the results. In the meantime...."you take the high road and I'll take the low road and I'll be in Scotland afore ye!"


Oh-OH....Aran sweaters have a soft place in my heart. Love the yarn colors. You don't have to tell me that little pile of knitting represents hours & hours of knitting...I've been there.

Leslie: Go to Ravelry and search for Outlander groups....I was amazed when I watched Downton Abbey that those Raveler women already had the patterns duplicated within a week of seeing what knitted garment the women wore during an episode.

Amy at love made my home

The colours are beautiful Carol! xx

Rhonda H

It is beautiful!! And the colors are sublime!


Delicious looking. My mother was quite the Aran knitter when she became fascinated with the meanings of the cables. She designed sweaters for me and my two little sons. Sadly, she and those sweaters are now gone. At least I now have the appreciation for what she made.

Leslie J. Moran

Thanks Joan. I have been looking, and you are totally correct,the women who duplicate these knits are amazing.

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