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I've already heard Christmas music on TV and in stores! I know the Christmas stuff is on the shelves at the big box craft stores. Dump the Pumpkins, get the Santa stuff. I've never understood the rush through Fall and Thanksgiving like Christmas is the ONLY season worth noting. We don't rush Easter to get to Independence Day do we?

Leslie j. Moran

Thank you Thank you Thank you. I thought Macy's ushered in Christmas with the NY parade after your Thanksgiving. I was in Macy's today and even they have jumped the gun. Totally refuse until the turkey is soup!

Amy at love made my home

Brrr, looks very cold indeed. I have to admit that I am taking the orange down bit by bit, but that is because we don't have thanksgiving here and I want to have a break from decorations before I get the Christmas decorations up in December - but not until then!!! The place is looking a little bare now though, so perhaps a bunch of flowers might be called for! xx

Janet Ghio

You forgot the long underwear under the sweatpants--definitely needed for the walk. It takes as long to get ready for the walk as to actually do it!! I'm with you on the orange--whatever happened to Thanksgiving?

jacki long

Amen! Beautiful photos, as always Carol! ;o)

Barbara Tarbox

Well said Mistress of Tall Tales. the only tale-tell of the red and green are ALL the hand
made (and making) that I have strewn about in various "stations". You know, the
knitting, painting, bookbinding, sewing machine stations. It is difficult not to let the
elves of Christmas making in before their prescribed (by whom, I wonder) time. After,
before, this date or that, I am thoroughly engaged in seeing that the experience of
Christmas be such that rejoicing, celebrating, giving thanks be as personal and
creative as possible. Giving from the heart and remembering the greatest gift ever
Given, whilst in the making, is so much more joy-filled. I try not to look at the calendar
Just keep my nose deep in the wool and listen to my audiobooks, happy making one
And all.

jeanette, mistress of longears

Hooray for the orange!! You have my full support! (But those hot pink shoes are also calling my name!)

Jane B.

Huzzah to you; I am all with being in the present and not leaping into Christmas. Sadly I live in the south where 'cold' is below 65 degrees. I am sporting the Orange, the Plum, the Harvest Gold, and silver. Autumn must not be hurried!

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