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Leslie J. Moran

Santa is a little tired. He's not amused. I think perhaps he thinks he has to deliver them somewhere.
Great trees!

Chris Oliveira

Sweet trees! And it is still Christmas in my book.


Looks like great fun. And then there's the consumption needed to keep up with the trunk production!


Well if those aren't the cutest darn things! I don't knit, so would have to wind some yard around something...hmmm lemme think. I don't take my Christmas d├ęcor down till New Years day, so I'm still admiring my cute little bottle brush trees. Which of course I didn't MAKE. I like your knitted ones better.


Well, I think you need one more tree to complete the forest. Odd numbers are best in design theory. Odd numbers make for a more dynamic composition so they claim. Surely you have some scrap yarn stashed somewhere. Or maybe a snowman would be a nice addition? I know there are some good patterns on Ravelry. The trees are very cute.

Barbara Tarbox

I so want to make some, however, after checking the link you so graciously supplied, again. I am terrified to see not one not two but four needles stuck into a tiny top of the cork. My arthritic hands ache just looking at the picture. I want to try though because I wAnt a forest full. I'll bet you are still knitting away.


will trade one strawberry pincushion for christmas tree! (btw: participation compulsory so bring one to art camp or suffer the consequences! I will let MA think of what that will be, so...)


Pam! I would die for a strawberry pin cushion! Trade is on!

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