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Amy at love made my home

I learned that you take beautiful pictures of the lights early in the morning! xx

Janet Ghio

I love your early morning Christmas lights


I'm glad YOU went out to learn those things in the still-night as far as I'm concerned. We lazy bones can thus stay in bed to read these tidbits in daylight!

Barbara Tarbox

Oh Carol, thank you for the magic you brought to my morning through your pictures.
I had no idea that I could be brought to tears of remembrance of Christmases past
By the fairy magic of Christmas lights so artfully captured. Thank you over and over.
Now back to my sewing machine, felting needles, paper and paint. Of course my
Coffee and Christmas stollen sent by my sister. This year is handmade, from the
Heart, finished, wrapped and sent on time to bestow more fairy dust to those far away.
Much love.

Leslie J. Moran

I always appreciate those who take one for the team and get those early sunrise shots. Something I will never see unless I go to Newfoundland and do what they do in the advert. Get in a little dingy and climb up a cliff and be the first one to see the sun rise on the eastern coast. Can you row???


Being a confirmed Early Bird I wouldn't have a problem getting up at the pre-dawn to take pix if there was someplace to take photos. We don't have a Christmas Parade, a quaint downtown main street with thriving businesses. I didn't have a clue that barber shops still exist, let alone open in the early morning hours. We have no barber shops in this city.

I guess the city where I live could be called the City of Lights though...The Strip is lit up like a christmas tree every night, 24/7. It's bright as day at the midnight hour and the hotels/casinos never close. Somehow that's not the same spirit or look of Christmas in middle America.

I would join Leslie J. Moran if she wanted to do the Newfoundland thing...I'm not sure I could row a dingy but could find some kind Newfie lad to do the job. I've been on that coast at dawn....it's incredible! I felt I was at the end of the earth! But I was looking for birds, not the sunrise.

Leslie J. Moran

Oh MY LANDS! Joan! That sounds like a splendid idea. Looking forward to kissing a cod with you some fine mornin'. Perhaps the Moss girls would join us for a splendiferous ride and they can watercolour the birds we spy :)

Dottie Moss

Purely fabulous photographs of the Christmas lights, sister, and your wit and voice coming through commentary on Mass street early morn haircuts and all.


Leslie and Joan: Start looking for a place we can go to for breakfast after sunrise. I will need something hearty after all that rowing. Mary Ann says she is definitely in for sketching. Sounds like we each have our job!


Lawrence has the prettiest lights, downtown is magical this time of year.

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