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omg I'd love to just plop myself in a pile of that gray merino and alpace. Pure tactile bliss! I do have to learn how to knit so I can justify a purchase like that.


I wanna see the pattern you choose for the color variation yarn! Take a look at the pattern used by The Yarn Harlot in her most recent post titled: Good Night, John Boy! Read it and you'll feel like you've just finished a suspense/thriller novel! Egad.

The grey year is too lovely for words. I'm the Queen of Cowls. I just love them. No dangling ends to get caught on stuff. I must have 10 of them and want more.

I knit & crochet, but I have to tell you, the petting of yarn, the anticipation of the project, the cast on is so much more thrilling than any crocheted item...Why is that? I haven't a clue.


That's supposed to say: grey yarn, not year. I hate spellcheck.

susan s

I am a jewel tone, orange and green kind of person. I just painted my Mexican bodega (destined to be my art room) a color called "Studio Taupe" because I couldn't get past that romantic name. It's freaking mauve. I am so disappointed in myself I could cry.
The yarn is delicious, btw.

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