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Debbie J

Yum! I can almost taste it now! I've had celery root before, but my husband doesn't like new, unusual veggies, so I haven't bought it in recent years. I might have to give this soup a try. He does like soup, if he doesn't know what goes into it!

Amy at love made my home

They always label them here with plastic wrap presumably to stop any confused cashiers and customers! I love the way you store your soup in jars, it looks so wonderful and inviting, my plastic pots just aren't they same! xx

Janet Ghio

This sounds really interesting. Did you have celery root left over? I am just wondering what else you might do with it if you did. I make butternut squash soup that I use my handy dandy emulsifier with--I am always looking for new creamy soup recipes.


Can you freeze the soup in those jars? It looks wonderful.

Rhonda H

LOL We even get those puzzled looks here in California when buying things like celery root, and sometimes even fennel! Well, with younger cashiers anyway. I will try that soup, looks fantastic!

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