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NOW I understand why you recommended it! Trust me, you didn’t miss a THING!


I don't like abridged books as a rule, but it seems in this case the abridged version didn't leave out anything relevant to the story....but 20 hours reduced to 6 seems like something would have been missed.

Of books that I read (non abridged) I felt that Pillers of the Earth could have been scaled back by at least 400 pages of painfully detailed description that added nothing to the story. I couldn't finish the book, didn't even attempt to read the sequel...


Ok, I'm in the minority again, but trust me-you need to read (not listen to) this book. When I finished "The Gold Finch" I went out and got Donna Tartt's other books. There's only two more because She takes 10 years to write each one. Besides "The Little Friend", there's "The Secret History". I enjoyed all three of them, but for completely different reasons. They're nothing alike. They ARE long but they are good and now I hate to think I've got to wait another nine years for the next one!


I'm about 2/3 of the way through the audio version of The Goldfinch. I love listening to it bit by bit and slowly making my way through it. I'm glad you enjoyed The Little Friend! I'm planning to read or listen to her other books after I finish this one.


I have a good one for you Carol, The Storied Life of AJ Fickry. A sweet story!

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