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Beth Leintz

You are rockin that hat and I stand in awe of what you can do with two (or four) needles and a ball of yarn.

Chris Oliveira

You are like the energizer bunny!! And you do NOT have a pin head! I don't knit but love seeing all of your beautiful work.


hey is that the paris scarf?! the twin of mine?
i'll need that hat for our next winter trip.
you can wear my faux fur black one that you love so much.
tee hee


Sister!!! It IS the Paris scarf. I will make you a hat like this too.
I bought extra yarn to make one for Chris but you know he wont want one.
The next time we go overseas in winter we will be twins.


love it!


Ha! Had to laugh about the "pin head" bit because that's how I describe myself when it comes to wearing hats...so I can relate. How I wish it was different as I love hats. I could see this knit up in Misty Alpaca, a bulky weight, super soft, warm yarn. Roving drives me up the wall. I do love the I-cord feature.


That looks really warm. Maybe it would fit me...I have lots of hair!


You look awesome in that hat! I have a giant head. I wonder if that extra structure would make a hat look better on me. Might be worth an experiment. I probably even have some roving in my stash.

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