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Sharon W.

Well, I guess I believe I need to have one Conroy novel unread, so haven't tried it!!! "Prince of Tides" remains one of my most memorable reads. That one I would not be able to listen to, because even on rereads I find myself stopping, reflecting, going back, etc. Nice to know you are a Conroy fan!!!!

Janet Ghio

I did read this once upon a time altho I don't remember much about it--but I am a Pat Conroy novel fan so I would probably recommend it.


Like Sharon, I'm a huge Pat Conroy fan after reading Prince of Tides, one of my Top Ten Reads. I couldn't get that book out of my mind for months. The movie with Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte was quite good.

I did read Beach Music years ago. I was a bit let down by it, but POT was hard to beat. I did enjoy Conroy's, The Water is Wide, about a teacher on one of the Outer Banks of So. Carolina. A whole different culture greets the man. His taking the children to the mainland for Halloween was a riot.


Loved it when it came out, had to splurge on the hard bound... But then I'm a huge Conroy fan, heavily biased.


Conroy is one of America's greatest writers. I think I'll read it again.


How on earth can 1995 be 20 years away?! When I first read it I saw it as 1965 and then did a double take when I realised, yup, she's right... eeeeeek...!

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