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wishing your patients all the best...

Barbara Tarbox

Not a "code blue" but close.
If you have a " feed store" near-by, and in Kansas there must be, pick-up some
Chicken/turkey grit. If you put a layer after replanting, as a "dressing" it keeps
The lower leaves of the succulent dry. The grit is composed of crushed stone and is
Also attractive😻


I hope your sickly looking succulents don't require IV treatment. They just don't do well here in our horrid summers which are like living in a blast furnace, the winters aren't much better, although the past one would have been survivable.

As to the critter in the ICU light treatment area, watch that little devil in disguise! They can be so destructive! He might like to nibble on the sickly plants.

Amy at love made my home

If that squirrel is half as much trouble as the squirrels in our garden are he will be an awkward customer to have around!! I hope that the succulents respond well to their therapy! xx


I do struggle with my succulents, but keep trying. I get a great deal of pleasure from doing just what you did here. I love that little aqua tray in your light therapy unit! We've had so much rain in Texas, my outdoor succulents have all but drowned.

I used to think squirrels were the "cutest" things, until one invaded our attic. He brought along some pals and they wreaked havoc in our walls and attic, plus drove us crazy for months trying to get them to leave. Then there was the long and costly clean-up after. Now when I see one in the yard or the road, I see red!

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