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Since Las Vegas was settled by the Mormons who built the Old Mormon Fort (now a museum) and Las Vegas has a huge Mormon population, I was intensely curious about the strange symbiosis of Mormons and Gaming...there is a lot of literature on Mormon History in the west.

The migration of the hand carts is well documented on PBS, Videos should be available. I knew a woman whose father migrated to Arizona pushing a handcart and who ended up being the first white man in the state shot by a Native American.

There is a grizzly history of the Mormon Mesa massacre just north of where I live. The Mormons only recently took responsibility for that horror after denying it ever happened for years.

Read about them being ousted from Navoo, IL because of their practice of polygamy. Joseph Smith was killed there, giving rise to Brigham Young's heading up of the LDS (Latter Day Saints) and leading them to Salt Lake City. Very interesting reading.


I happen to be the granddaughter (a few greats back) of Mormon pioneers who crossed the plains to eventually settle in Utah. I haven't read this book but I know these events did happen.

The LDS church website gives the following information about this great moment in history:


Yeas ago I read "Tall Grass", also by Sandra Dallas and loved it. It tells the story of a Japanese internment camp in Colorado during WWII. It's one of those stories that stays with you.

I am going to check my library for "True Sisters". Thank you for the recommendations.


Fawn Brodie, "No Man Knows My History"

Also one by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith,

"The Mormon Murders"

Must reads for thoughtful Mormon history buffs....


I don't know if this is what you had in mind, but Martha Beck, one of my all time favorite columnists wrote a book based on her personal experiences (plus some historical stuff for depth) called Leaving the Saints. It was a page turner for sure. Couldn't put it down.


My great, great grandmother pushed a handcart across the plains with the Mormon pioneers. They started late in the year and got caught in bad weather. There was a movie made about this group in 2011 called 17 Miracles. (It's available as a DVD from Netflix.) There is lots and lots to read about Mormons, Mormon history and Mormonism. It would keep you busy for a long time. Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman is a biography of Joseph Smith you might like.

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