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I want to go to your farmers market. We have a fairly large one here and even though we get there early the berries have always sold out--there are some greedy people i see carrying 6 or 7 cartons of them!! And it looks like you have wonderful flower venors. not so many here--but we do have the boys from Frankenstein, MO who sell the most, best fabulous tomatoes you have ever eaten--so that is a good thing and I did buy some lovely kale whih we ate last night sauted with olive oil and garlic and a yellow squash and we do always have some great music at our farmers market--I guess its a pretty good one after all--but I would still like to go to yours!!

Caroline Berk

That little pup looks much like the pup a lady in Home Depot gave me. I wonder what breed he is. We figure Bo is hound, but that is about all we know. I agree with Janet, your farmer's market looks great. Perhaps it is the interested photographer and cook that makes it so outstanding!!


What do you do with those green Sputnik looking things? What do they taste like? I've seen them in the grocery stores here, but never knew what to do with them.

Market looks like a little slice of heaven.

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