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I love your starlings!! And isn't the holyhock pretty. I haven't seen any cicadas here yet. Kansas seems to be ahead of Missouri weatherwise and growing wise.


Love your starlings. They look just like the starlings in my imagination. And that dragonfly... I must try sketching him from your photo.
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You are so on task. Love your yard, but I especially hope you show us the new journal...
best to you!

Amy at love made my home

Well I don't know what American starlings look like, but this is exactly what English starlings look like!! Perhaps you just drew English ones without realising!!! I love this picture and would frame and hang that picture on my wall if it were mine! Hope you have a great weekend! xx


European Starlings are the species we have here in the USA. They were introduced here and have spread throughout the entire country. Many consider them invasive, competing with native species for food.

I love the hollyhocks, such old fashioned flowers.

Are you going along with Mary Ann to Sweden?

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