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Barbara Casillas

Love the colors in your last photo. The olive green mug with the orange radishes against the dark background. Something about it reminds me of a 16th Century Dutch still life. They also seemed to have included a lot of peonies in their floral paintings.


Did the orange beets keep their orange color? Last year I bought some fancy striped beets and was disappointed that when cooked they didn't retain the stripes.

Chris Oliveira

Beet soup!! I agree. There is something about eating the food you buy at a farmer's market. Ours opens this Friday. Can't wait! It is tiny though, not like yours. Good book?


It has to be healthier to eat local...after all the veggies are so much fresher. I love your Farmer's Market stories...we plan to get to one here this coming weekend. It was WAY too cold here last weekend for me to go...I have asthma & can't breathe in that cold damp air. Thanks for allowing me to live vicariously through you.


Wow! A bumper crop of veggies. I'll be waiting to hear all about the ways you use these beautiful goodies. (except the broccoli which makes me retch)

The peonies photo is perfection! I think you should paint it.


Peonies are over here even though it was 57ยบ yesterday! I'd buy three of those if I saw them. Your veggies look wonderful. Yes, I too refer to several of my veggie bibles, Deborah Madison, what's his name Greene, and another one. As you can tell, I often just pick up the kitchen iPad and search but I cannot give away my paper cookbooks. I just can't.


You are on to it Carol my friend, its a proven fact that if it makes you feel good it's healthier!! And *MUCH* healthier for the planet :) ENJOY x

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