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Will you be my new Best Coffee Friend? I will visit you and you will take me to your amazing coffee houses. Then you will come to NY and we will tour the island cup by cup,

I am addicted. Better to coffee than heroin, oui?

jacki long

Love the name and the reason for the name! Great!


A Gibraltar is a new one to me! Must check that out after I leave the compute for a homemade iced coffee. I'm learning to love coffee but it's no caffeine for me. Yes, I know...but I do my best to keep my gp happy.

Caroline Berk

You are always so fair. A second try is definitely called for! I have to start finding some coffee shops that don't model Starbucks. We seem to be shy of them here so I might have to go to Chattanooga. It is only 25 miles - not too far for a really good cuppa.


20 years ago i would have slipped him a love note. somehow. maybe in the poptart case...?


My same old whine...we have nothing but Starbucks in this city of over 2 million people. There are a couple of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf shops, but about the same with weaker coffee.

The sour cherry pop tart! Makes my mouth water.

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