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ooohhhh... I see fried green tomatoes!!! Yum! Our tomato plants didn't do well this year... too much rain, ugh. Maybe I'll try deck tomatoes next year after seeing how big yours got... do you remember the variety you planted by any chance?


Impressive for tomatoes planted in a pot!!We've bought some good ones at the farmers market this summer and just last night enjoyed a bacon and tomatoe sandwich--one of my favorites of all time!!


Ooh my mouth is watering at the thought of my very first BLT of the season. My aunt reports from Idaho that she will have tomatoes ready for me when I arrive next week. I too like a one serving size. I shudder when people put their tomatoes in the refrigerator. If I can't eat it all, at room temp. and there's no one to share, the remainder gets tossed. Or cooked for sauce.

BTW, you do "animated" quite well.


Ive seen some red tomatoes on plants in my neighborhood about 2 weeks ago! However, we've had a really slow season and even my Cypriot neighbor has very few that look like yours. Whatever he has are full green. I've only grown the little ones...cherry, mini yellow plum etc and even then some of my plnats have had yellow leaves but that's from MamaNature's rain, not from any watering by me!

btw, I live with a non-animation engineer so unless you stick him with a pin, you'll get a fairly flat affect.


OH my goodness. Look at those tomatoes! Is there anything equal to a BLT, especially with home grown tomatoes. My grands had the garden of all gardens when they moved to the city of San Diego. The most prized plants were my granddad's tomatoes. A BLT can only be made better with the addition of avocado, IMHO. But plain old BLT is still on the top of the list of favorite sandwiches.

What variety did you plant this year? Our neighbor planted Early Girl & Better Boy for those medium sized tomatoes that he would line up on the wall between our houses for me to enjoy. It was a sad day when they moved away.

You do animated very well, like a rehearsal for selling a product. Like Dinah Shore used to to do with Chevrolet ads.

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