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Debbie J

If it were in our front yard, I would say that deer are eating on the succulents. On your deck though, I would guess it was rabbits; but I'm sure squirrels would like to take a nibble too. Sorry, I'm not an expert, but the only way to prevent further chewing, would be to put a cage around your plants. That's not so pretty to look at. Maybe you can live with a nibble here and there.

jacki long

My money is on rabbits?

Vicki in Michigan

I have seen squirrels eating jade plants.

I wonder if it's possible they're eating your plants for the moisture? I wonder if you set out water if they'd still eat the plants?

Michele Taylor

My vote is with squirrels I watch them in our backyard
they can get anywhere fast. Rabbits and deer not so
good with any steps to the deck you might have, if there are no steps then it could be any of the three!
a few years back the deer ate every one of the 80 tulips that had just emerged! And the rabbits used
to go after our tomatoes as well as the squirrels.
Nature joys. No garden this year for us.


I'm casting my vote for rabbits or squirrels. Maybe you could put some other food, like peanuts in the area where the succulents are to lure the critters away? Just a thought. Is there a ledge or shelf you could put the plants? That would keep the rabbits away but not the pesky squirrels.

Karen Schumacher



My vote is those pesky squirrels. I can't identify the teeth marks exactly but it looks similar to what the squirrels did to my succulents last summer. I wondered too, until I saw one of them in the act.


We both know those are Chris's teeth marks

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