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jacki long

Feeling hungry out here in SoCal ...
but will get my potato salad fix later this week in Indiana! Also looking forward to real tomatoes!

Anne Lathan

Yummy! You have the best farmers market ever!


That last photo of your market haul is book-worthy! Gorgeous.

Linda Watson

Popsicles. Summer memories. Many years ago we had a ditzy Doberman named Biz. He would hear the bells on the cart selling popsicles popular in the Mexican community just a few blocks over. Big glumps of fruit and ice cold. Out we'd go, and Biz would stand patiently while I ordered "dos fresas, por favor." Strawberry was both of our favorites. Unfortunately, there was no cart following close behind with lavender sachets.


You make Lawrence sound like such a delightful place that I am going to swing thru on my way west! Looking for your recommendations for coffee shop, lunch spot, book store, and 'neat stuff' shop? I know I don't need to define 'neat stuff' to you! And any other recs for whatever I shouldn't miss ...

My only regret is that I won't be there to visit the Farmer's Market. It sounds so much more exciting than any I've been to except maybe Winter Park, Fl.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas.


Leslie J. Moran

Peaches, pops, those lavender sachets! Bliss.

Lovely Linda

I am so in love with those lavender sachets. How does a girl in NC get one?


If anyone wants a lavendar sachet they can contact Pam Carvalho at pcdryflower@gmail.com to work out the arrangements! I like to put one in the drawer with all my scarves.

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