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Leslie J. Moran

Dashiell looks just like our daughter's cat Finnegan. Well...."Dash" is in much better shape than "Finny" or "Mini" as the kids call her. But as a true tortoise shell, very affectionate. I kinda miss the kitties now that they have moved to their new home. Kinda. Always appreciate your suggested reads.


Savor it...it is wonderful :)))))
Missy from the bayou


I'm SO upset about the release of this book. It portrays Atticus Finch as a segregationist and member of the KKK! Evidently the publisher wanted a revision of the book from the standpoint of Scout as a child not a grown woman of 20+ in the original manuscript. TKAM is on my list of all time favorite books in a reading life spanning 60 years.

There was some controversy regarding the book being published against Harper Lees wishes, that she suffers from dementia (she's 90+) and was coerced into agreeing about the release after commenting after the release of TKAM that she would never write another book, how could she top TKAM? And now this.

Beth Leintz

I finished The Nightingale a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it, even though its topic isn't easy- ordinary people dealing with real hardship.

The PBS show about Harper Lee is on my DVR, will watch it soon. I'm anxious to hear the public/critical reaction to Go Set A Watchman. I'm just not sure we should be reading it if that wasn't Harper Lee's intention.


I will be driving through your neck of the woods in Sept. I am tempted to stop in at your favorite bookstore to visit this cat.


I recently read The Nightingale, and thought it was terrific!! Looking forward to reading Go Set A Watchman. Wanted to suggest one I just finished called Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman. Reminded me a bit of The Secret Life of Bees. It is set in Savannah, GA. I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to have it as my pick for my book club group in October.

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