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jacki long

Holy Crap it is beautiful!
And, I admire the amazing work to get it there!
WOW!(all caps)


I was wondering about the stage of that afghan the other day and there it is. I love it. It's gorgeous! Well done.


WOW!!! That is one gorgeous afghan! The subtle transition of colors in each square is amazing... and you are so right, the colors are much more vibrant after you blocked them.

Heidi Sue

that is soooo cool!

Kathy Pennekamp


Judy H.

I love this so much. :)


This is so gorgeous!! Great colors

Beth Leintz

Love it love it love it!


Each square is beautiful and the ensemble is beautiful! Have fun with the seaming.

Chris Oliveira



Gorgeous! What a beautiful work of art.


Very beautiful. Love the colors.

Are you using mattress stitch to sew together? This is always the most tedious part for me. I put it off as long as possible.

I'm in embroidery mode for the next few weeks. Making tea cup cozies for friends for Christmas gifts.

Linda Watson

It's gorgeous. Never, ever fails to amaze me what a bit of water, smoothing and pinning can do.


It is so pretty and if I were you, I wouldn't be able to stop running my fingers over those waves!

Barbara Casillas

Very very beautiful. It seems a lot of patience would be required.

Caroline Berk

What are those little safety pin looking things? I haven't been working on mine - the 90/90 just doesn't make it appealing. (90 degrees/90%humidity). I am glad to see how you are doing this, though since I had no idea what to do. Thanks. A nd by the way, it is a stunner.


Carol, I love it! You're making me want a cozy fireside on this soupy-hot July morning in NY. Just beautiful...


OOOh the stitiching together is interesting and the rest is beautiful... can I come stay under it?

Sherry peck



Not a thing wrong with liking what you do. I always think I am my own worst critic. I was thinking the same thing though.....those blocks are fantastic! Be proud for sure.


You should be proud. So rich in color. I can relate to your process.

Leslie J. Moran

I've been waiting to see this for so long. It's absolutely delightful. BravaI

Rhonda H

This is just so beautiful!!


Exceptionally gorgeous!!

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