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Debbie J

I love seeing your progress with this afghan. Please show it as often as you wish! It looks fabulous so far. I think a crocheted edge would look great. You can do it!

Amy at love made my home

It looks fabulous!!!! Crocheting is very simple to do really! I promise! xx

Heidi Sue

This has progressed much farther than it would have in my hands! Seaming up is my least favorite. Your seams are neat and tidy and I am really looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Also, is Kansas not experiencing the same heat wave that Missouri is? That can be the only explanation of your undertaking the sewing up of a GIANT WOOL BLANKET right now.


Fabulous afghan! Seaming up is my least favorite thing to do, only sewing in ends tops the cringe factor. Ugh.

A crocheted edging will give it the tidy edging it needs. You can do it!


It's GORGEOUS!!! A crocheted edge would finish it off nicely...but it's beautiful as is, too. I can't wait to see it all finished...and being used.


OMGoodness, this is gorgeous! Brava.


This is so pretty! I watch Wayward Pines..but since I am out of town have to wait until I come back to see the finale

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